Bike Rides!!

I'll be tinkering with this page till I find the right format for what I want to do. That is to have some kind of a list of Bike Rides I organize, a list of people who will participate, and information on the ride. ill then just get hold of me through Face book and/or Email me if you would like to get together for a bike ride..

Highly Recommended

Not needed but can't "hurt"

List of Known trails in the Rochester and Finger lakes area

Next Ride...

Completed the Newark to the Genesee River Erie Canalways bike path tour -In sections- during the early Summer 2011. I incidently skipped the next section to the West side of Rochester, and then did the rest out to Brockport. I absolutely love this bike path because its flat, wide, and used quite a lot by other bikers, hikers, joggers, walkers, ect... (pedestrians) but no automobikle traffic what so ever!. Eventually I'll take a weekend and do the Newark to Buffalo section but probably not till mid. or late 2012. I have also completed the Genesee Riverway trail, This is also a very nice and "paved" trail and can be completed in just a couple hours. The Auburn trail is identical to the Erie trail with less pedestrian traffic. I still have to check out the Lehigh Valley trail(s) and hope to do so before the end of this summer and there has to be other trails out there somewhere. As always, if interested in joining me riding on any section of the Erie Canalways or any other trail just send me a note!-I'm also on Facebook but you'll have to aske me to add you as a friend anyhow.

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