Reception of Earths Natural Radio sounds.

Turn the Am radio on during near by thunder storms and every time there's a flash of lightening you would hear static from the speakers. This is because each lightning strike sends out electrical radiation in all directions which your radio is in just one direction. Some of the rest of that radiation besides being picked up by other radios in the horizontal plane also travels up and bounces back down when it reaches the various atmospheric levels and some of the stronger radiation can bust through all those layers, get caught in the magnetic force lines of the Magnetosphere, and travel to the other side of the planet! When traveling such long distances the radiation gets stretched and sounds quite different when it's received by radios on the other side of the world. If you think about it, "we" are the other side of the world for somebody and with special equipment we can listen to those weird sounding lightning strikes. Or if you prefure, you can listen to the live stream from other readios through the internet; VLF Live Stream

So what is so fascinating about listening to static from way over there? First, the lightning strike sounds quite different, someone said they sound like ricocheted bullets and others sound like a "Ping". Some strikes sound like flying saucers and still others sound slike.... When listening to a specific type of strike, we can actually map out the megnetic lines of force around the Earth. Here is a recording I made when i had the system setup at the Wolk Observatory in Ionia, NY during a very quiet afternoon in the middle of the 2008-2010 Solar minimum. During a energetic night or morning the audio is normally something wonderful and when a solar flare hits the Earth all hell breaks loose. Whn I set this up I was hoping to have it set up and broadcasting permanently over the net from the observatory. Unfortunately other projects got in the way and nothing happened beyond this recording.

Filtered VLF Recording

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