This is my meager attempt at copying what the Hubble Space telescope can do from my back yard. *Note* My computer screen shows these images nicely but my other screen shows very dark images with only a few stars. The M109 image shows only a bright star in the upper right corner, its reflection just left and low of center, and a few dimmer stars, but my M109s image shows the galaxy nicely simply because I edited it on the better screen. I don't know which screen is setup right so let me know how all the images look so that I can edit them correctly.

Unless otherwise specified; These are all shot with a Canon D350 through an 8 inch SCT with a 6.3 corrector and guided with a piggybacked 80mm F/5 refractor.

Globular Clusters

Globular Clusters are thought to be old galaxy cores where a larger galaxy has swallowed up its arms. Each globular cluster can have many thousands of stars and in some cases many hundereds of thousands of stars all packed into a tinny ball. Our Milky Way Galaxy has about 150 of these globular clusters orbiting it.


Nebulae are gassious clouds floating In and around each galaxy. Some are from the formation of the universe while others are remnents of old stars that have long died. M42 is easily seen with the naked eye because It Is The Middle Star of Orions Sward. Using Binoculars you will have the field of view of the first M42 image above and you should be able to see it in more detail

Planetary Nebulae

Planetary nebulae are stars that have gone through their life cycle and are now just puffing away their outer shells of gas. Our sun, when it comes time, will do the same thing.


We live inside the Milky Way Galaxy and there are billions of Galaxies in the Universe.

Telescope Tests

Did a complete re-Polar alignment of the scope in hopes of taking care of some tracking errors I have noticed recently. Below is my results with Canon D350 at prime focus of the LX90 and a web cam guider at prime focus of a piggy backed 80mm scope.

Some test shots specifically designed to find problems with the tracking systems... North is Down, East is Right..

What these four images tell me;

So, the problems I thought I had where not problems, I just have to cullimate the optics and move the counterweights and I'll have sharper images!

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